VIDAL Vademecum is part of VIDAL Group Company, a leading group in the healthcare sector providing data and clinical information services to help healthcare professionals take decisions while carrying out their work.

The portfolio of the VIDAL Group includes highly prestigious brands in its areas of activity, such as VIDAL Vademecum in Latin America and Spain and VIDAL in Europe and the Middle East.

VIDAL Vademecum is, since 1959, the leading global provider of solutions in Spanish related to pharmacological information, originally in printed and now, exclusively, in digital formats. Its product portfolio includes the web site vademecum.es, the mobile applications Vademecum Mobile and the global clinical intelligence solution Vademecum Data Solutions.

Thanks to VIDAL Vademecum Internacional’s experience in managing pharmacological knowledge databases, it is able to provide through its Vademecum Data Solutions complete information based on evidence –about all the drugs and active substances- which is made available to healthcare professionals via their intranet or by integrating it on their computer systems.

Vademecum Data Solutions: Standalone solution

This solution is designed for daily clinical practice at hospitals and Healthcare Centres. Consultation is available via the hospital intranet and it provides access to advanced functions such as interactions control, contraindications, warnings related to the pathophysiological profile, allergies and management of your Centre’s Pharmacotherapeutic guide.

Vademecum Data Solutions: Integrated solution

Directly integrated into the healthcare staff’s workflow. Interconnection with the main software providers.